Upscale Amenities and Living in Dunedin

Year after year, Dunedin continues to grow and attract scores of new residents. In fact, the city is drawing thousands of young homeowners from the Tampa Bay Area and from out of town as well. Attracted by easy access to the waterfront, Dunedin real estate has plenty more to offer. For example, dozens of breweries, a legitimately walkable downtown, and independently owned restaurants and retailers dotting nearly every major street are just the start. And buyers have made the area home because it remains fiercely local yet still closely connected to almost all of Pinellas County.
Dunedin real estate has been red-hot for so long it’s almost unsurprising to hear about unfolding upscale developments. What is surprising, however, is the area is holding fast as a comparatively affordable city and residents from all income levels are benefiting from new or planned development projects since they tend to bring new amenities as well. These are just a few of the highlights from the last several years, including a few major projects:

Victoria’s Place

Designed as a project to connect downtown Dunedin with the waterfront, the condominium community at Victoria’s Place has been a major success. With over 90% occupancy and the opening of a diverse set of businesses in its mixed-use commercial space, this spot is attracting attention. There are upscale shopping destinations, such as The Spice & Tea Exchange, Beach Couture, and Spoiled Rotten, and all of the great dining options downtown are within walking distance. Beso del Sol, a luxury resort nearby, also offers a wonderful tiki bar right on the waterfront as well.

Fine Dining and Neighborhood Breweries

The Restorative, one of the low key restaurants to open in Dunedin over the last year, is doing things a little bit differently. With no reservations or phone and only 18 seats in the dining room, The Restorative offers eaters a foodie-friendly unique destination on Patricia Avenue. The open kitchen turns out strikingly modern, creative dishes while the decor evokes the comfort and friendliness associated with the Dunedin community.
As for breweries, Dunedin continues to lead the way in the Bay area with a handful of newcomers: Caladonia, Cueni, Soggy Bottom, Woodright and House of Beers Brewing, as well as plenty of others with plans to open near the Dunedin border. These new breweries offer ample outdoor seating and attract steady business on a nightly basis and all day during the weekends.

Boutique Retailers

LMB, a clothing and accessories retailer with one existing location in Tampa’s trendy Soho neighborhood, decided to open a second location right in downtown Dunedin. Catering to a hip, upscale crowd, LMB is indicative of a growing demographic for boutique, high-end goods in Dunedin.
Lafayette & Rushford Homes, located on Broadway right off Main Street, is a destination for home decor enthusiasts. Tending toward the pricier end of the spectrum, they offer a selection of goods highly sought after by young professional homeowners.
And finally, renovations are still being made at The Fenway, a historic hotel in the Edgewater community, with hopes for a 2018 reopening, which will include a rooftop bar and restaurant with breathtaking views and serious, ambitious food. Dunedin residents have been waiting since 2014 for the project to reach fruition and, once opened, will provide residents with a visually stunning set piece on par with the Don CeSar in nearby St. Pete Beach.
Although these are just a few of the new developments in Dunedin, they indicate that the market for new businesses and amenities is still as vibrant as ever. With Dunedin real estate still relatively affordable, this may be the last chance to find some real steals before the city’s prices catch up with its offerings. If you’re considering home ownership in Dunedin, it may be wise to act sooner rather than later.

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