Tampa Bay & Pinellas Real Estate in 2018

Now that we’ve wrapped up the last year, we can now look forward to some of the most promising new developments in the Bay Area in 2018 and what they could mean for locals and newcomers alike in the Tampa Bay Real Estate Market. It should be an exciting year, given some of the things we have in store. And many of my clients are asking me what we can expect. Let’s take a look!

Completion of the Pinellas Trail

Since its humble beginnings in 1990, the Pinellas Trail, now 75 miles long, has been instrumental in connecting pedestrians and cyclists across Pinellas County in unprecedented ways.

With the North Gap almost complete along the portion titled the “Duke Energy Trail”, it will now connect residents from Tarpon Springs, East Lake, Oldsmar and other communities to a path that is safe and provides access to many business and retail centers further south, all the way down to St. Petersburg itself.

Expect great development in this area as it welcomes increased walkability and a new wave of potential residents.

Continued Dining and Entertainment Boom

While the Grand Central district in Downtown St. Petersburg has produced an incredible array of restaurants, bars, cafes and spaces for live music, the EDGE district is in the perfect position to carry the torch in to 2018. With already over 30 dining, shopping and drinking destinations, the EDGE district continues to grow and expects more business to open throughout 2018.

Not to mention the belated opening of the retail space at the ONE St. Pete building, which should be completed by late 2018.

In Tampa, the Hall on Franklin was an enormous success in 2017 and inspiration for anyone invested in urban renewal and historic preservation. This one has plenty of great restaurants in full swing, but there’s plenty more on the way in 2018.

More Corporations with Headquarters in Tampa Bay

Health Care, Financial Services and Tech are still red-hot industries in Tampa Bay, with more corporations either planning to move their headquarters or the bulk of their operations to the area by 2018.

Some highlights include: ReliaQuest, a cybersecurities company, which moved its headquarters to Downtown Tampa in 2017 and plans to add 150 additional jobs in 2018; BlueLine Associates, who are moving their headquarters from North Carolina to Tampa Bay and adding over 100 jobs in their financial, human resources and legal departments; Amgen, a global biotech company, which opened near Tampa International Airport in 2016, intends on bringing 450 jobs by the beginning of 2019.

main Friendly to All Walks of Life

The Tampa Bay Area has always been a diverse, inclusive community, with arts communities, endowments, museums and galleries in almost every neighborhood and public events throughout the year open and appealing to the entire family.

The Bay Area has always thrived on newcomers and welcomed them with open arms and there is no doubt it will continue to do so in the new year.

We look forward to the next wave of fresh Floridians looking for great opportunities in Tampa Bay Real Estate and, whether you’re buying or selling, you should too!

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