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Meet Your Tampa Bay Realtor, 3 Delicious Local Coffee Shops

As a Tampa Bay Realtor, I love to sit down with my clients from the start and discover exactly what they need. After all, you’re about to make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. And it probably goes without saying that you want someone who’s in-tune with your needs. Of course, getting to know one another better is also a huge part of my process.

So, I like to meet many of my clients at local coffee shops. And there’s a few reasons for this. First, we can casually talk in a friendly place. But not only that, if you’re buying a home in Tampa Bay, it helps you discover the area even more.

However, it’s also a big perk that these local coffee shops are absolutely delicious!

Kahwa Coffee is Hip and Professional

Located in Downtown St. Petersburg, Kahwa Coffee has become one of the go-to popular hangouts. With well-made coffee drinks, this stop is frequented regularly by hipsters and professionals alike. They also have a strong local presence and even have a coffee with a Tampa Bay Rays connection! The shop is known for its commitment to quality beans, and it’s definitely an easy place to chat and enjoy the day. Plus, there’s numerous amenities nearby to explore. Just to name a few: there’s the Dali Museum, many  art galleries, professional soccer and baseball, and much more.

Ecobean for Laid Back, Relaxed, & Fun

Across town in Tarpon Springs, Ecobean is that quirky coffeehouse you just have to love. First, locals enjoy the selection of coffee drinks, but also the smoothie choices as well. But for those of you into vegan baked goodies, this is your stop to check out. The staff is always quick to get your drink going, and the atmosphere is especially quaint and relaxing. Nearby attractions include the off-the-beaten-path Wall Springs Park and the historic sponge docks. Of course, as your Tampa Bay Realtor, I also must mention how, nearby, there’s one of our historic Pinellas Properties, the Safford House. Definitely worth checking out when you’re in the neighborhood.

Dunedin Coffee Company is Friendly & Tasty

Lastly, I also love to recommend the Dunedin Coffee Company and Bakery in Dunedin, Florida. As a Tampa Bay Realtor, I’ve met more than a few clients at this stop. The staff is always incredibly friendly, and on top of the delicious drinks, the baked items and treats are really tasty. And we’ve also seen in the past, when it comes to Dunedin real estate, there are numerous local amenities. My clients also love that the coffee shop is always filled with smiling faces and locals ready to talk about what they love about the area.

So, which one would you like to meet at? Coffee’s on me!

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