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Home for the Holidays: 5 Gifts for First-Time Home Buyers

After finding your perfect home, you’re finally moved in and ready to do what every first-time home buyer dreams about. And that’s exercising the freedom to design, decorate, and curate every square inch. From the kitchen walls down to the front steps, you now have a place to call “home!”

Truthfully, there’s simply no greater joy in home ownership than having the creative control to endow your space with individuality, warmth, and comfort. One of the most genuinely fun and exciting things about that is how your home factors into the holiday season. Now, you have a perfect reason to create that perfect wish list for your friends and family, so they can help make your home even more special.

And with the holidays right around the corner, there’s no better time to shop for household treasures. Here are 5 gift ideas that first-time home buyers should put on the top of their list:

Plants and Flowers

Vibrant green plants and fresh flowers breathe life into any room of your house, from hanging vines in a wicker pot to a little perennial perched in a clay pot on your bedroom windowsill. If you look around online or ask friends and neighbor, you’ll easily find plenty of local shops operated by passionate gardeners. For flowers, consider using old glass bottles as re-purposed vases for that extra touch of style.

Essential Oil Diffusers

Aromatherapy is a great way to generate a positive mood in your home by scenting the air with essential oils that promote calm, relaxation, and serenity. The best and most popular option for aromatherapy is an oil diffuser, which uses sound waves to vaporize water so that it turns in to a light mist that wafts through the air. There’s no smoke or heat at all. You can use any combination essential oils you’d like to scent the water and there are thousands of options, most of which are all natural and completely harm-free.

Trendy New Kitchen Gadgets

Now that you have a brand new kitchen of your own and all that new space, have some fun in there by picking up some toys to play with when you’re working on a recipe or planning a dinner party. Many newer cookbooks refer to tools that weren’t common in homes twenty or even ten years ago, such as an immersion blender, pressure cooker, or a sous-vide. All of these are now easily available for the amateur chef looking to “wow” his or her eaters.

Framed Posters and Art

One of the best resources for great art prints or vintage posters are museums throughout the world. And almost every noteworthy museum has an online shop where you can browse and purchase high-quality prints from your favorite artists and have them delivered right to your door. If you want, you can create a custom frame yourself out of reclaimed materials or you can bring your print to any craft shop or photography studio where they can do it for you according to your tastes and specifications. Then you can hang it up in your house to give some extra color, taste, and inspiration to your environment.

Hand-Made Plates, Mugs, and Vases

Across Tampa Bay, there are numerous residents with a flare for different crafts. And to give your home that special, unique look, consider checking some of them out! It’s far more fun and interesting to discover that there are tons of independent ceramic and glass artists selling high-quality, unique products. Check out their work and the work of many artists in areas throughout Florida, and you’ll discover that you can find mugs, plates, vases, and more.

These 5 gift ideas should help any first-time home buyer pour even more of life into their homes right from the start. Have any gift ideas you’d like to share with fellow first-time home buyers? I’ve love to hear from you!



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