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3 Easy Strategies to Find Affordable Tampa Bay Homes

As property values have been strengthening across our area for Tampa Bay homes, more of my clients are Affordable Tampa Bay Homes - Choose Chris Meierasking me about affordability. Of course, our area homes, while showing healthy value growth, are still incredibly affordable.

For example, compare our average prices to areas like New York or San Francisco… well, you get the idea. We not only have world-class amenities in our area, but our real estate is also comparatively cost-effective compared to the rest of the country.

But as your resource for real estate in Pinellas, I’m happy to bring you these 3 strategies for getting the home of your dreams at a price that works for your financial situation.

Set your price range and negotiate

Now, first of all, you won’t have to worry about the negotiating part when you choose Chris Meier. I’m always ready to advocate for your best interests at the negotiating table. Still, setting a price range, as opposed to just a firm price, can help you gain perspective on exactly how much house you need. It may sound simple, but I’ve seen many other people totally skip this step.

Consider all your options for Tampa Bay homes

From being a little further from the water to skipping out on a two-car garage, being flexible is a great strategy for finding affordability. You’d be surprised how a pool can greatly affect the price of homes in the same area. Consider all your options, from neighborhoods to amenities and home features to possible upgrades in the future.

Go with a Realtor that follows the data trends

When it comes to Tampa Bay homes, price isn’t a static thing. In fact, it can change from season to season and year to year. When you choose Chris Meier, you’re getting a real estate agent with 30 years of experience in our area. And I make sure to keep an eye out for affordability and value when it comes to our market.

Want a few additional strategies for finding an affordable Tampa Bay home? Get in touch with me!

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